Exploring the Best Wineries on Long Island’s East End

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the East End of Long Island! With visits to ten distinguished wineries, from the elegant Wölffer Estate and Sparkling Pointe to the charming Raphael and sea-view Kontokosta, we’re about to immerse ourselves in a world of exquisite wines and breathtaking landscapes. Ready to uncork some memories? Let’s dive in!

Our top 10 favorite wineries on Long Island, New York, include the following:

1. Sparkling Pointe

Sparkling Pointe Vineyard is tucked away on the North Fork of Long Island. It’s an absolute gem, particularly if you’re a fan of sparkling wines, as I am. They say “All that sparkles is not Champagne,” but let me tell you, this place gives the French region a run for its money.

The first thing that hits you when you arrive at Sparkling Pointe is the sheer beauty of the place. It’s a 40-acre estate covered with lush vineyards that seem to go on forever, all leading up to a grand, Brazilian-inspired tasting house. The building is a masterpiece, with high, vaulted ceilings, an enormous crystal chandelier, and floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a breathtaking view of the vineyard. It’s so elegant, yet so cozy, you’ll want to settle in and never leave.

And then there’s the outdoor seating area, where you can lounge on the comfortable sofas under the white parasols, sip your bubbly, and just take in the serene views of the vineyard. There’s an air of tranquility about the place that’s so intoxicating, it’s almost as heady as the wines themselves.

Speaking of the wines, they are simply fantastic. Sparkling Pointe is the only vineyard in the region that’s dedicated exclusively to the production of Méthode Champenoise sparkling wines. Whether you prefer the fresh and lively Brut, the fruity and full-bodied Blanc de Blancs, or the luxuriously rich Seduction, each sip is a celebration on your palate.

What I love about Sparkling Pointe is that it’s not just about the wine, it’s about the entire experience. From the warm welcome, you receive when you walk in, to the knowledgeable and friendly staff who guide you through your tasting, to the live Bossa Nova music that often fills the air, every moment is designed to enchant and delight.

Sparkling Pointe is not just a vineyard, it’s a sparkling wine lover’s dream come true. If you ask me, there’s no better place to raise a toast to the good life!

Sparkling Pointe Vineyard
Sparkling Pointe Vineyard – courtesy of Instagram

2. Wölffer Estate Vineyard

Oh, where do I even begin with the Wölffer Estate Vineyard? It’s not just a vineyard, it’s a total experience. Nestled in the heart of the Hamptons, it’s like a piece of European elegance has been transplanted right in the South Fork of Long Island, New York.

As soon as you step foot onto the 55-acre estate, you’re welcomed by a vista of meticulously manicured rows of grapevines, stretching out as far as the eye can see. The vineyard is like a living testament to the passing seasons, each bringing its own unique charm. From the vibrant greens of summer to the golden hues of fall, it’s a sight that never grows old.

The centerpiece of the estate is the stunning Tuscan-style villa, which houses the winery and tasting room. It’s a warm and inviting space, with rustic wooden beams, an open fireplace, and floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the vineyard. And let’s not forget about the terrace! It’s the perfect spot to sip a glass of their signature rosé while watching the sunset over the vineyard.

And the wines? Exquisite. They specialize in producing wines that reflect the unique coastal climate and the rich, loamy soil of the region. From their crisp whites to their robust reds, each bottle is a testament to the skill and dedication of their winemakers. The crowning jewel, though, has to be their Summer in a Bottle Rosé. It’s like the essence of the Hamptons captured in a wine – vibrant, elegant, and a little bit playful.

But the Wölffer Estate is more than just wine. It’s also home to a stable of beautiful horses, adding to the idyllic charm of the place. Plus, they host a slew of events throughout the year, from wine tastings and vineyard tours to yoga classes and live music performances. It’s an experience that stays with you long after the last drop of wine has been savored.

Wölffer Estate Vineyard
Wölffer Estate Vineyard – courtesy of Instagram

3. Raphael Vineyard

Raphael Vineyard, where to begin? It’s one of those places that truly captures your heart from the moment you set foot on its soil. Nestled in the heart of the North Fork Wine Country in Long Island, New York, this vineyard is pure magic.

The moment you drive up to the 60-acre estate, you’re greeted by rows upon rows of grapevines stretching across the rolling terrain, all leading up to the gorgeous Mediterranean-style winery. The winery building itself is an absolute marvel – thick stone walls, a grand staircase, and a stunning two-story tasting room with a towering ceiling and massive windows that offer a panoramic view of the vineyard.

One of my favorite things about Raphael is that it feels like you’ve stepped into a piece of old-world Europe, right here in the heart of Long Island. It’s an ambiance that just begs you to slow down, take a deep breath, and soak in the beauty that surrounds you.

The wines? Oh, they’re an experience in themselves. Raphael is known for its commitment to sustainable farming and its focus on crafting world-class Merlots, though their Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc are also to die for. They have this incredible way of capturing the unique terroir of the region in every bottle. Each sip is like a little taste of the North Fork – earthy, bold, yet incredibly smooth.

I mustn’t forget to mention the staff. They are not just knowledgeable, but also wonderfully warm and friendly. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a novice just dipping your toes into the world of wine, they’re there to guide you, answer your questions, and make sure you have a fantastic time.

And when it comes to events, Raphael knows how to throw a party. From wine tastings and vineyard tours to concerts and private parties, there’s always something happening here. It’s a place that, no matter how many times I visit, never loses its charm.

Raphael Vineyard
Raphael Vineyard – courtesy of Instagram

4. Kontokosta Winery

Kontokosta Winery is situated in Greenport, Long Island, and let me tell you, it’s a place that’s all about the views, the vibes, and some really fantastic vino.

First off, the location is nothing short of spectacular. Kontokosta is North Fork’s only waterfront vineyard, perched right on the edge of Long Island Sound. You have 62 acres of vineyard rolling gently down to the water’s edge, and there’s this sense of peace and tranquility that just washes over you as you look out over the vast expanse of blue. It’s like the perfect marriage of land and sea, grapevines and waves.

The winery building itself is a sight to behold – a modern, barn-style structure with floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light and offer stunning views of the vineyard and the Sound. It’s modern and rustic at the same time, creating an atmosphere that’s both chic and cozy.

As for the wines, they are an absolute treat. Kontokosta focuses on sustainable farming practices to produce wines that truly reflect the unique maritime terroir of the North Fork. From their crisp, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc to their complex, full-bodied Cabernet Franc, each bottle is a love letter to the land and the sea. I personally can’t get enough of their Orient Chardonnay – it’s like a summer day in a bottle!

What I also love about Kontokosta is the warm, welcoming vibe. The staff are not just knowledgeable about the wines, but also incredibly friendly. You’re not just a customer here, you’re a guest, and they go out of their way to ensure you have a great time.

Whether you’re sitting inside the airy tasting room, lounging on the outdoor patio, or taking a leisurely stroll through the vineyard with a glass of wine in hand, a visit to Kontokosta is an experience that engages all your senses. It’s a place to savor life’s simple pleasures – beautiful views, good company, and of course, great wine.

Kontokosta Winery
Kontokosta Winery – courtesy of Instagram

5. Paumanok Vineyards

Now here’s a winery that speaks to my wine-loving soul. Nestled in the heart of North Fork, Long Island, Paumanok is a place that beautifully blends tradition and innovation, creating an experience that’s as unique as the wines they produce.

When you first pull up to the 127-acre estate, you’re greeted by rows of neatly trellised vines stretching as far as the eye can see. The vineyard is a sight to behold, changing with the seasons, each one bringing its own unique beauty. From the lush, leafy green of summer to the rich, golden hues of fall, it’s a veritable feast for the eyes.

The winery itself is housed in a charming, century-old renovated barn. It’s rustic, cozy, and filled with the delicious aroma of fermenting grapes. The tasting room is a warm, inviting space, with a long wooden bar and big windows that let in streams of natural light and offer stunning views of the vineyard.

Now, let’s talk about the wines because they are the true stars of the show at Paumanok. This family-run vineyard is known for its commitment to producing high-quality, estate-grown wines, and boy do they deliver! From their award-winning Chenin Blanc, which is a rare find in this region, to their complex and full-bodied reds, each wine is a reflection of the unique terroir of the North Fork. And Chenin Blanc is also my wife’s personal favorite.

But what sets Paumanok apart for me is the intimate, family feel. The Massoud family, who owns and operates the vineyard, are often on hand to personally welcome visitors, guide tastings, and share their passion for winemaking. You can feel their love and dedication in every aspect of the vineyard, from the meticulously maintained vines to the handcrafted wines.

And let’s not forget the events! Whether it’s a wine tasting on the sun-drenched deck overlooking the vineyard, a vineyard walk with the winemaker, or a gourmet wine-pairing dinner, there’s always something fun and exciting happening at Paumanok.

Visting Paumanok Vineyards is a journey into the heart of Long Island’s wine country. It’s an opportunity to taste the fruits of the land and the labor of a family dedicated to the art of winemaking. It’s a place that, once you’ve visited, stays with you long after the last sip of wine has been savored.

Paumanok Vineyards
Paumanok Vineyards – courtesy of Instagram

6. Pindar Vineyards

Pindar Vineyards! Just saying the name brings back a flood of fantastic memories. Situated on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island, Pindar is one of the area’s most iconic wineries.

When you first approach the 500-acre estate, it’s like stepping into a painting. The lush, verdant fields of grapevines undulate gently with the landscape, stretching out toward the horizon. Each season brings a new palette of colors, from the fresh greens of spring to the riotous reds and golds of autumn. It’s a place that’s in constant change, yet always breathtakingly beautiful.

The winery itself is a welcoming sight, nestled amidst the vineyards. It’s spacious and inviting, with a rustic charm that instantly makes you feel at home. The tasting room is a particular favorite of mine, with its wooden beams, cozy ambiance, and large windows that offer panoramic views of the vineyards.

But let’s get to the main attraction, the wines. Pindar prides itself on offering a diverse selection of wines, from crisp, refreshing whites to robust, full-bodied reds. They also make some delightful rosés and even a few dessert wines. What really makes their wines stand out, though, is the passion and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle. You can taste the care and dedication in every sip. Personally, I can never resist their Sunflower Chardonnay. It’s like a little ray of sunshine in a glass!

What I really love about Pindar, though, is the feeling of community. The staff is always welcoming, ready to guide you through your tasting and share their wealth of knowledge about the wines. Plus, there’s always something happening, from live music performances to vineyard tours and wine-pairing dinners.

Pindar Vineyards is a place to connect with the land, the people, and the passion that goes into every bottle of wine. It’s a place that offers a taste of the good life, and one that always leaves me looking forward to my next visit.

Pindar Vineyards
Pindar Vineyards – courtesy of Instagram

7. Bedell Cellars

Bedell Cellars, now there’s a name that warms the heart of any wine lover! Tucked away on the North Fork of Long Island, New York, Bedell is a winery that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, creating an experience that’s as enchanting as it is unique.

The first thing you notice as you arrive at the 75-acre estate is the vineyard itself, a gorgeous tapestry of meticulously maintained grapevines. Depending on the season, you might see the vines in full bloom or watch as the leaves take on the beautiful hues of fall. It’s a sight that never fails to take my breath away.

The heart of Bedell Cellars is the historic 1919 barn that serves as the winery and tasting room. It’s been meticulously restored to preserve its original charm while adding modern amenities. Inside, you’re greeted by a warm, inviting space with rustic wooden beams, elegant chandeliers, and a large bar where you can taste their exquisite wines.

Speaking of wines, Bedell’s are a cut above. They’re known for their handcrafted, sustainably farmed wines that capture the unique terroir of the North Fork. From their crisp, aromatic whites to their complex, earthy reds, each bottle is a testament to their passion for winemaking. A personal favorite of mine is their Taste Rosé, it’s like a beautiful summer day captured in a glass.

What I find truly special about Bedell, though, is the sense of history and community. The winery is family-owned, and you can feel that personal touch in everything they do. The staff are not just knowledgeable, but also incredibly passionate about what they do. They’re there to guide you, answer your questions, and share their love of wine.

Moreover, Bedell is a hub of activity throughout the year, hosting a range of events from wine tastings to art exhibitions, and even yoga classes in the vineyard. There’s always a reason to come back!

Bedell Cellars is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the vineyard, learn about the craft of winemaking, and sample some fine wines. Once you’ve been there, you’ll want to keep coming back.

Bedell Cellars
Bedell Cellars – courtesy of Instagram

8. Jamesport Vineyards

Jamesport Vineyards is another gem of a find. Nestled in the charming town of Jamesport on the North Fork of Long Island, this winery is truly a sight for sore eyes and a treat for the palate.

As soon as you set foot on the 60-acre estate, you’re surrounded by row upon row of beautifully maintained grapevines, stretching out under the wide-open sky. Depending on the season, you might catch the vines budding with new growth, heavy with ripening fruit, or taking on the fiery colors of autumn. It’s a beautiful display of nature’s cycles and a reminder of the time and patience that goes into each bottle of wine.

The winery building itself is a rustic, converted 165-year-old barn. It’s cozy and charming, filled with the rich aroma of aging wines. The tasting room is a welcoming space, with high, wooden-beamed ceilings and large windows that let in plenty of light and offer a lovely view of the vineyards.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the wines. Jamesport Vineyards is renowned for its commitment to sustainable farming and its focus on producing high-quality, estate-grown wines. Whether you prefer a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, a bold Cabernet Franc, or something in between, there’s a wine here to suit your palate. I personally have a soft spot for their Petit Verdot. It’s rich, full-bodied, and absolutely delightful!

But what makes Jamesport Vineyards truly special is the sense of community. It’s a family-owned winery, and that warmth and familial spirit infuse every aspect of the experience. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to guide you through your tasting and answer any questions you might have.

Throughout the year, the vineyard is abuzz with activity. From vineyard tours and wine tastings to live music and food pairings, there’s always something exciting to look forward to.

Visiting Jamesport Vineyards is like stepping into a slice of wine country heaven. It’s a place where you can connect with the land, the people, and the passion that goes into every bottle of wine. And, it’s a place that, once visited, has a way of calling you back for more.

Jamesport Vineyards
Jamesport Vineyards – courtesy of Instagram

9. Lenz Winery

The Lenz Winery is a spot that I can talk about all day. Situated in the scenic heart of North Fork, Long Island, Lenz is a haven for wine enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

The moment you arrive, you’re greeted by a sprawling 70-acre estate, awash with well-tended grapevines stretching as far as your eyes can see. Depending on when you visit, you could be treated to the sight of blossoming vines, grapes ripening under the summer sun, or the fiery hues of vine leaves in autumn. It’s a living, breathing testament to the rhythms of nature and the art of winemaking.

The centerpiece of the estate is the charming tasting room. Housed in a rustic, farm-style building, it exudes an air of warmth and homeliness. Inside, you’ll find a cozy space filled with an inviting blend of rustic charm and understated elegance. The atmosphere is wonderfully relaxed, making it the perfect place to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine.

And the wines! Lenz is renowned for its Old World winemaking techniques, and you can taste the difference in every sip. Their focus on high-quality, estate-grown wines shines through in their offerings. From the crisp, refreshing Chardonnay to their robust Merlot and the exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon, each bottle is a celebration of the unique terroir of the North Fork. A personal favorite of mine is their Gewürztraminer – it’s like an aromatic journey in a glass!

What really sets Lenz apart, though, is the genuine warmth and passion of the people there. As a family-run vineyard, they truly care about creating a memorable experience for every visitor. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, eager to share their love of wine and guide you through your tasting.

Lenz is also host to a variety of events throughout the year, from intimate wine tastings to vineyard tours and special wine pairing dinners. There’s always something new and exciting to look forward to!

It was a pleasure seeing the beauty of the vineyard, learning about the art of winemaking, and savoring the unique flavors of the region. It’s a place that lingers in your memory, beckoning you to return long after your visit has ended.

Lenz – courtesy of Instagram

10. Macari Vineyards

Macari Vineyards is a rare treasure on the North Fork of Long Island that simply can’t be overlooked. With over 500 acres in a location that’s nothing short of idyllic, Macari is a testament to the beauty of wine country.

As you approach the vineyard, you’re welcomed by an expansive, rolling landscape of vines. Depending on the season, you could be greeted by a fresh spring green, a rich summer vibrancy, or warm autumnal tones. It’s a captivating sight, one that speaks volumes about the love and labor that goes into every bottle of Macari wine.

The winery itself is housed in an elegant, rustic building that blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. The moment you step inside, you’re enveloped in a warm, welcoming ambiance. The tasting room is a delightful space, with high ceilings, a grand stone fireplace, and large windows that let in streams of natural light and offer stunning views of the vineyard.

But of course, the real magic of Macari lies in its wines. They’ve made a name for themselves with their commitment to biodynamic farming practices and their focus on producing high-quality, expressive wines. Whether you’re sipping on their crisp Sauvignon Blanc, enjoying the depth of their Cabernet Franc, or indulging in the complexity of their Bordeaux-style blend, Alexandra, you’re in for a treat. Each glass is a testament to the unique terroir of the North Fork and the Macari family’s passion for winemaking.

What I truly adore about Macari, though, is the warm sense of community. It’s a family-run vineyard, and that familial spirit extends to every visitor. The staff are not just knowledgeable about the wines, they’re genuinely passionate about sharing the Macari story and ensuring you have a memorable visit.

And let’s not forget the events! From vineyard tours and special tastings to wine pairing dinners and release parties, there’s always something exciting happening at Macari.

There’s more to do at Macari Vineyards than merely sample some vino. It’s about connecting with the land, the people, and the passion behind every bottle. It’s an experience that stays with you, inviting you to return and explore more. Trust me, once you’ve visited, you’ll find yourself eagerly planning your next trip back.

Macari Vineyards
Macari Vineyards – courtesy of Instagram

Celebrating the Joys of the North Fork Wine Trail: A Toast to Ten Unforgettable Wineries

I must say, embarking on a wine journey through the East End of Long Island is quite an adventure. Each winery, from Wölffer Estate and Sparkling Pointe to Raphael and Kontokosta, has its own unique charm, reflecting the diversity and richness of this wonderful wine region.

Paumanok and Pindar took me on a sensory journey, their wines evoking the unique flavors of their specific terroirs. Bedell Cellars and Jamesport Vineyards, with their rustic charm and family-friendly atmosphere, made me feel right at home. Lenz Winery’s dedication to Old World winemaking techniques was a joy to experience, while Macari Vineyards impressed me with its commitment to biodynamic practices.

But the beauty of this wine trail isn’t just in the individual wineries. It’s in the shared passion for winemaking, the warm hospitality, and the stunning landscapes that stretch across the North and South Fork. It’s in the way these wineries work in harmony with nature, creating wines that are as unique and diverse as the land itself.

So, if you’re a wine lover like me, or even if you’re just starting to explore the world of wine, I can’t recommend this journey enough. Each visit offers something new to discover, whether it’s a varietal you’ve never tasted before, a winemaking process you’re curious about, or simply the joy of spending a day surrounded by the beauty of the vineyards.

Trust me, once you’ve started exploring these wineries, you’ll find yourself drawn back time and time again. And who knows? You might just find your new favorite wine along the way. Let’s raise a glass to exciting new experiences in Long Island’s Wine Country. And if you are looking for wineries in the rest of America please check out American Wineries.

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